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Had my head down for a while! Looking up to communicate ...

Had my head down for a while! Looking up to communicate …

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, so please go ahead and check the spots I have been keeping up to date:







More to come soon!

-Lotts of Love

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think about it…

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So much to say, so little blog = I’m back.

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WUAL 11.20.14 Cervante's Other Side

from the back of the Jam…

Bruce Leroy - first build.

…the new build.

lay down on this neck...drip...drip...drip...flow...crash.

"Uh, what-uh-time is it-ahhh?"

“Uh, what-uh-time is it-ahhh?”“4:30”?

…the time is NOW.

Wake Up & Live On Soundcloud!

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While I am writing away…

Please follow, and enjoy what has already been created!

Breckenridge detour, just before the 4/20 throwdown!

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Wake Up And Live made a RAGING stop in Breckenridge, CO on 4.12.13 to drop two and a half hours of Marley on over 400 folks at the Mountain town just before the close of the Ski Season…

Breggaenridge, CO

Breckenridge, CO

Mondays for CXCW 2013! (what a festival!)

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David Lott – Mondays.

David Lott – Mondays

Posted on March 13, 2013 by 

Here’s New York’s David Lott with twangy rocking tune called “Mondays.” David also recorded a couple of hilarious promo vids for CXCW here and here.

David Lott on Facebook

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Wake up & Live! Pics & Vidz (2.8.13)

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Wake Up & Live: LIVE @ Cervante’s Other Side Denver, CO


Bob Marley’s Birthday Celebration



Wake Up and Live Brings Bob Marley Tribute to Denver (via Jambands.com)

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Wake Up and Live will bring their Bob Marley tribute to Cervantes’ Other Side in Denver on February 8 in celebration of the legendary reggae pioneer’s birthday. The band—which takes an improvisational approach to Marley’s music—features Dave Halchak (Ground UP) on guitar and vocals, John Hait (Ground UP) on bass and vocals, Dave Lott on lead guitar (Licorice, Whitewalls), Billy Archilla (HY3, Modulator) on keys, Nick Souder on drums, John Bunting on percussion (Danny Bastos Collective) and Maura Bryn, Naomi Ochoa and Rebecca Sweet on vocals. Tickets to the event are currently on sale for $8, but will be $10 on the day of the show. Wake Up and Live will take the stage at 10pm. They will be joined by Jon Wayne and the Pain and Rastasaurus. More details can be found here.

Link to the direct Jambands.com article HERE!


Cervantes' Rehearsal...Yah, Mon...



Josh Rastafari! (Do you know him?) February 8, 2013

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Autocorrect has changed “Jah” to “Josh” in every single text discussing Bob Marley & so that is why we joke: JOSH RASTAFARI! With that “you had to be there”, amazingly hilarious introduction, Ground Up Presents: Wake Up and Live: The Music of Bob Marley!

2.8.13 @ Cervantes' Other Side

2.8.13 @ Cervantes’ Other Side


Wake Up & Live: The Music of Bob Marley 2/8/13

Wake Up & Live: The Music of Bob Marley 2/8/13

Billy Archilla – Keys (HY3, Modulator)
John Bunting -Percussion (Danny Bastos, and much more)
Dave Halchak – Guitar/Vocals (Ground Up)
John Hait – Bass/Vocals (Ground Up)
Dave Lott – Lead Guitar (Licorice, Whitewalls)
Nick Souder – Drums
Maura Bryn – Vocals
Naomi Ochoa – Vocals
Rebecca Sweet – Vocals

…more to come soon, but click above for show links and more info!


Wake Up and Live on FACEBOOK



Soundcloud! (pass it on…) – new music 2013

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Want to LISTEN????


A skilled guitarist and songwriter, David Lott’s career, as a solo artist and frontman of Licorice and The Whitewalls, has been marked by the musical diversity emblematic all true musicians. Creating transformative soundscapes with his signature guitar tone, Lott anchors the tightest of grooves while his solos soar to lofty, ambitious heights. While his studio recordings focus on his songwriting expertise, on the stage, Lott takes his audience on extended excursions, jazz episodes and innovative improvisations that explore the potential of any composition. A New York native, Lott now lives in Colorado where he continues to evolve as a session player, soloist, and collaborative artist/guitarist. Stay tuned for more!

#Cyril sailed the strangest seas......The #Adventure Begins #2013! The Adventures of Cyril Bernard Magnaguarde and more new music from David Lott in 2013!

#Cyril sailed the strangest seas…
…The #Adventure Begins #2013!
The Adventures of Cyril Bernard Magnaguarde and more new music from David Lott in 2013!