Hidden Track: Hitting The Trunk Road: The Lott’s Waltz

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Hitting The Trunk Road: The Lott’s Waltz

The most well-known farewell concert in classic rock history took place on Thanksgiving night in 1976 when The Band played their final show together at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. Forever known as The Last Waltz, the Martin Scorsese helmed documentary of the star-studded event may not be beloved by the majority of the film’s subjects but it has become the benchmark for any final musical soiree. One of the most notable aspects of the evening was the inclusion of the wide swath of musicians that The Band touched, both personally and professionally. In that respect, The Last Waltz indirectly captured a facet of the music business that while well-known, often evades explicit discussion. Namely, that over the course of any musician’s career, they are formed by and help form dozens of other musicians along the way.

[Photo by Robert Bloom]

David Lott, a guitarist most likely known to Hidden Track’s readership from his time with Licorice and The Whitewalls as well as his recent solo work that includes the marvelous EP, The Gates Of Brooklyn, will be moving his base of operations from the hip environs of Brooklyn to the spacious mountains of Colorado. In leaving the Tri-State area with one final hurrah, Lott served as the focal point for the whimsically titled Lott’s Waltz, which gathered nearly every musician he’s worked with over the past decade for one last show. Never maudlin, Lott’s farewell soiree was one of the more musically satisfying, emotionally uplifting shows of the summer.

In addition to bassist Matt Epstein and drummer Josh Bloom, current members of The Whitewalls, the band into which Licorice evolved, musicians from all periods of Lott’s career appeared at the Bowery Electric. Licorice’s keyboardist Chad Dinzes and Josh Kessler, the producer of Licorice’s sole EP, sat in on an extended versions of A Million Grains Of Sand and Freeze. Singer Rebecca Hart, whom Lott, Epstein and drummer Dan Barman backed for many years as The Sexy Children, revisited covers of Miss Ohio and Whipping Post. Upright bassist Adam Roberts, lap steel guitarist Riley McMahon and guitarist Thomas Bryan Eaton, frequent collaborators on Lott’s solo material, periodically eased on to the stage to leave their distinctive mark on Lott originals and Eric Silverman (Silvertone) and Rob Ward (Food Will Win The War) enlivened covers of Breakdown, Million Dollar Bill and a medley of Where Is The Time and Say It Ain’t So.

[Photo by Robert Bloom]

Outside of a small circle of friends, the guests that appeared with Lott in the East Village may not be familiar names. Nonetheless, in the breadth of worlds from which they came and the seamless manner in which various combinations of musicians played together, Lott’s Waltz was just as satisfying an evening as its philosophical forbearer. Far from a melancholy affair, Lott seemed to be enjoying himself immensely, his enthusiasm coming through his guitar work, which shone brightly in its inspiration and energy.

At the close of the show, Lott borrowed a page from The Black Crowes, bringing everyone back onto the stage for a romp through The Rolling Stones’ The Last Time, letting the question of whether the song serves as ironic comment or prophecy go unanswered.

Dave Lott & Friends // “The Last Time” from David Huppert on Vimeo.

Brooklyn, NYC –> Denver, Colorado…News to Come!

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6 Month Re-cap to come!

Dave Lott & Friends // “The Last Time” from David Huppert on Vimeo.

Too high to say goodbye! (from the music = felt too good to get sad about leaving)

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The list that brought a smile over the tears…
(photo by David Huppert)

Blog FEATURE! Popa’s Tunes: David Lott’s Many Hats

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Check out this AWESOME feature!

courtesy of: Popa’s Tunes! http://popatunes.blogspot.com




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3.17.12 The Whitewalls turn it GREEN for St.Patrick’s Day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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The Whitewalls rocked the opening slot for The Telephone’s CD release party! We’ve played with them before with Rebecca’s band, and DIG what they do for sure! We made some great friends and contacts and had a blast doing it! What a night to do it ON as well in the epicenter of INDIE…Williamsburg… A rockin’ Brooklyn eve no doubt!

The Grand Victory


Hey Bulldog (Beatles Cover)
Sticks ‘n’ Stones
Devil Knows You’re Dead (Delta Spirit Cover)
Radio Divine
Gates of Brooklyn
Where is my Mind?->Say It Ain’t So->Where is my Mind? (Pixies/Weezer covers)

Saturday, March 17th 2012: The Telephones CD Release Party then Chris Kent DJs drinking songs


Happy St. Patrick’s day!  Here at The Grand Victory we’re going to continue America’s long-standing tradition of embarrassing ourselves in front of anyone who might actually be even the tiniest bit Irish.  The best way to do that is to offer a Guinness and a shot of Jameson for $10 ($9 during happy hour).

Later tonight we’re hosting the CD release party for The Telephones, as they celebrate the unveiling of their second full-length, aptly titled Volume 2.  Appearing before them will be Ellis Ashbrook and The Whitewalls.  Doors at 7:00, $10 cover.

After the show we’ll open the doors to everyone for free, as Chris Kent spins celtic punk, pub punk, and straight up drinking songs.  If you spend St. Patrick’s day anywhere else, you’re missing out.

  • 10:00 PM — The Telephones say of themselves that “their influences range from Bob Dylan to The Pixies; Muddy Waters to Pavement; Big Star to T. Rex; Tom Waits to Guns and Roses.”  Time Out New York calls them “[r]evved up new wave [with] poignant lyrics [and an] oddball sense of humor.”  New York Press credits them with “[h]aunting vocal[s], fictional plots [and] intense playing.”  We think all of this, actually, quite accurate.  It’s well done contemporary rock and roll with slick production, edginess and a kind of classic throwback all tossed in a blender then rendered, with one light touch of the “pulse” button, quite chunky.  Listen here.
  • 9:00 PM — “Take one listen to Ellis Ashbrook and immediately you will feel like  you’ve been transported back to the 1960s,” says Visionary Artistry Magazine.  “The psychedelic pop and rock music that reigned over the era has been updated and reintroduced.”  Last.fm calls them “genre-bending rock that exhibits fiery eclecticism rooted in solid foundations of funk, soul and blues.”  They bill themselves as “exploratory rock.”  We’d call it druggy funk.  To us they sound like early Red Hot Chili Peppers, had the Peppers’ drug of choice been LSD instead of smack.  Listen here.
  • 8:00 PM — The Whitewalls is what’s left over of the band Licorice.  We listened to some of their live recordings and immediately determined they sound like a cross between Laughing Stock era Talk Talk and early Karate, with breathy, earnest vocals and hints of straight up classic rock riffs.  Listen here.

3.1.12 The Whitewalls @ Bowery Electric

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…joining up with some old friends in FM Blanket, and the promoter for the event, The Whitewalls – turned our once “early” slot into a virtual headlining slot with extra room to stretch out and JAM. If one thing is for certain, the band is JAMMING, and very capable of doing so. Our roots indicate it with feet still left in Licorice-land, and with a passion for exploring new music and studying on our own. We all study music in various forms and in effect, bring that back to our improvising. Doing so, with counterparts who I have been doing this with for nearly a decade – makes it all the more fun and all the more interesting.

Bowery Electric



Sticks ‘n Stones
Stone Flower (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Carlos Santana cover)
Redhead (listen to this track LIVE on www.thewhitewallsmusic.com
Devil Knows You’re Dead (Delta Spirit cover)
El Corazon Estalla (click the link below to get this track on itunes!)
Where is My Mind? (PIXIES cover)
Gates of Brooklyn (David Lott)

Link to itunes! The Whitewalls!

photo by Chad Dinzes (phone) - 3.1.12 @ Bowery Electric


photo by Chad Dinzes (phone) - 3.1.12 @ Bowery Electric

D.Lott Solo w/ Adam Roberts (bass) @ Piano’s 2.25.12

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You Know, You know/Joy in Repetition (Mahavishnu Orchestra Progression with Prince lyrics fused onto/into)
Broken Heart (stream and/or BUY! this tune HERE!)
Walkin on the Moon->So What (Police/Miles Davis)
Redhead (check out a live version with the band @ www.thewhitewallsmusic.com)
Devil Knows You’re Dead
Mondays->Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad->Mondays (Stream and/or BUY! a version of “Mondays” HERE!)
Spain (Chick Corea)

The Whitewalls 2.4.12 @ Pianos (NYC)

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We made our way back to Pianos once again and had special guest Jon Reitzes sit in on a few tunes just before the birth of his first child! All in all a fun celebration and a fun set!
“We tried some new arrangements, some added harmonies, some new covers – and started leaning more on our improvisational roots. If we start jamming more, which is happening, I would have to note this Whitewalls‘ show as a turning point in the evolution of the direction and overall sound of the trio. ” – me (just after the show…and again, while writing this post)

Drummer Josh Bloom callin' shots!

Again and Again >
Sticks and Stones
Gates of Brooklyn*
Devil Knows You’re Dead*#
El Corazon Estalla (can be purchased HERE on itunes!)
Redhead*Jon Reitzes on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
#Delta Spirit cover

1.14.12 Thirty-Three is the Place 2B

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On the eve of my 33rd birthday, I played a solo set with bassist Adam Roberts comprised mainly of original material. I was then supposed to perform a “jazz” set, but due to timing issues, and the opening acts vs. DJ start time, I was forced to condense that set into a sort of 3 song encore…

All in all…it was FUN.

Looking forward to playing with Adam again, and to more gigs like it!

Live @ Piano's with Adam Roberts (bass)



Broken Heart (acoustic)

Freeze (electric with cool jam!)

Mondays -> Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad -> Mondays (acoustic with Grateful Dead cover in the middle)

Paint By Numbers (electric, *debut)

Gates of Brooklyn (electric with solo)

Time to Move on (Acoustic, Tom Petty Cover)

A Million Grains of Sand (electric with loops and solo)




Walkin’ on The Moon (instrumental)


Until then:





Solo Birthday Show – 1/14/12 @ Pianos NYC

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Solo Birthday Show!

Solo Birthday Show @ Piano’s w/ Adam Roberts (bass)