3.1.12 The Whitewalls @ Bowery Electric

…joining up with some old friends in FM Blanket, and the promoter for the event, The Whitewalls – turned our once “early” slot into a virtual headlining slot with extra room to stretch out and JAM. If one thing is for certain, the band is JAMMING, and very capable of doing so. Our roots indicate it with feet still left in Licorice-land, and with a passion for exploring new music and studying on our own. We all study music in various forms and in effect, bring that back to our improvising. Doing so, with counterparts who I have been doing this with for nearly a decade – makes it all the more fun and all the more interesting.

Bowery Electric



Sticks ‘n Stones
Stone Flower (Antonio Carlos Jobim/Carlos Santana cover)
Redhead (listen to this track LIVE on www.thewhitewallsmusic.com
Devil Knows You’re Dead (Delta Spirit cover)
El Corazon Estalla (click the link below to get this track on itunes!)
Where is My Mind? (PIXIES cover)
Gates of Brooklyn (David Lott)

Link to itunes! The Whitewalls!

photo by Chad Dinzes (phone) - 3.1.12 @ Bowery Electric


photo by Chad Dinzes (phone) - 3.1.12 @ Bowery Electric


~ by dlottmusic on March 3, 2012.

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