11.19.11 LOTTinee @ Rockwood Music Hall

I performed a 4pm SOLO set on Sat, 11/19/11 – perhaps my first ‘REAL’ solo effort.

Meaning…it was JUST me on stage. With some new material and experimental approach in “stitching” the material together using loops, drones, pads, progressions – as well as an attempted seamless transition between acoustic and electric guitars made for an interesting afternoon set. There were definitely some hiccups, and a few technical difficulties….but I feel for the first time (for those ideas) I seemed to have pulled it off.

(afternoon delight, also being a first for me, but I dug it. It was nice to have the sun set during the set, through the backs of the audience)

...laying down some texture...

Anyhow, here are some shots from cell phones, and the setlist/idea…

I hope Rockwood Music Hall has me back soon!

Intro/Loop/Drone with improvised solo->
Sandbar (on acoustic)
Drone loop back, changed, and augmented->
A Million Grains of Sand (electric w/ looped jam and solo)
Back into an improvised loop
Broken Heart (acoustic)
All the Best (acoustic)*
New Loop Intro to “The Sequencer”
The Sequencer (electric with faded out loop sequence)
Acoustic Medley:  Mondays->
Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad->
Time to Move On (acoustic)***
Gates of Brooklym (electric with loop and solo vamp to end)

*=John Prine cover (My Morning Jacket arrangement)

** =Silvertone cover

*** = Tom Petty cover

Rockwood 11/19/11 Solo

I was thinking of playing "Spain"...

Deep END...Vocal confidence 101....

..finally feeling comfy with the sound 11/19/11 SOLO @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

See you soon!

Great time, great show…in the meantime check out:

My Bandcamp page for PURCHASE of New and SOLO tracks



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