Licorice…:The Blue Note – 5.7.11:…Return

Blue Note
Stone Flower
Black Orpheus
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed^
Can Enable^
In a Silent Way->*^

*= w/ Ian Carleton Schaefer on trumpet
^=w/ Chad Michael Dinzes on keys

David Lott, David Lott guitar, Josh Bloom drums, Matthew Epstein, Bass

Pics, vids, sounds to come!
What a fun night…and a pleasure to be JAMMIN’ again!
From Glide Magazine/Hidden Track Blog:

HT Interview: Licorice Returns For One-Off Performance @ the Blue Note

Last we heard from the NYC jam trio Licorice, it was to shed light on the band’s decision to shift directions and focus on a more straightforward rock band called The Whitewalls. This time around, it’s a reversal of fortune of sorts as guitarist and lead vocalist Dave Lott dropped by HT to chat about the band’s one-off reunion at the Blue Note in New York City on Saturday, May 7th. The band plans to dive deep into the old catalog, stretch out the improvisation, and play into the wee hours of the night.

Hidden Track: So, it’s great to see that you guys decided to reunite Licorice for a special one-off performance. Be honest, you missed the jams, right?

Dave Lott: Ok, busted. But to reveal even more, sometimes, we do still jam together (shhh!). But we have been working on other projects with diverse musical directions, and so yes, we did miss “the jam,” and the live platform, with interaction and excited purpose. We also missed the vehicles/music that once inspired what we were doing – whether it’s a Chick Corea tune or an original instrumental piece. We are having so much fun exploring again as a group, and from what is definitely a more mature vantage point.

HT: You guys have some history at the Blue Note. What made you choose a more traditional Jazzbo club for your reunion show?

DL: This is our 11th Blue Note show actually, which is pretty wild in 2011. We never take that opportunity lightly. So much of our inspiration, so many of our heroes, and so much history have been laid there before us. For this show, we wanted to get back to the “jazzier” side of Licorice; the band that had once in a lifetime experiences at jazz events/festivals and rooms like the Blue Note. We didn’t want to concentrate on any lyrical or vocal material either – so, the room is really the best fit.

HT: Got any special covers to bust out from back in the day?

DL: We definitely have some exciting music planned for that night, some “bust outs” for sure! Without spoiling too much of the excitement and revealing any of our special guests, I will say some old Licorice members will be on stage, in addition to new friends. We are excited to re-visit things like our Miles Davis adaptations, our “fusion odysseys,” and the funky pockets we miss sitting in. Some grooves, I wish we can sit in for the whole year. I even find myself giggling at our rehearsals because I’m having so much fun.

HT: How have things been going with the Whitewalls and the other projects you guys are involved with like Rebecca Hart for you and Food Will Win the War for Matt [Epstein]?

DL: We all have a lot of projects we’re juggling right now, and they all seem to influence one another somehow. The Whitewalls is a rock band and power trio, and we have had an amazing six months so far playing regularly on the Lower East Side in NYC, testing out new material and new formats. It’s been particularly productive for my writing as well.

I am now co-writing with other artists, writing solo material and writing for The Whitewalls. This has led me to start gigging solo pretty regularly as well, which is a challenge and a lot of fun too. Matt and I both play in Rebecca Hart’s band, which is another great experience. I get to just be a guitarist and somewhat of a musical director, which is a unique and fun role for me – I’d like to do it more. I also have been acting as sound designer and musical director for some theater projects with Rebecca as well, which has introduced me to new styles of playing, underscoring, and a mild obsession in creating both mood and ambiance with the right sound.

Matt is the full time bass player for Food Will Win the War, as you mentioned, and they are just killing it! I think FWWtW is one of the most interesting and creative bands on the NY scene right now, and I am expecting and hoping for great things from them.  Having Matt as their backbone certainly doesn’t hurt!

HT: Do you guys ever feel like you’re spread too thin between multiple projects?

DL: Right now, I am gigging with four different groups, I am writing for five, we are going to hit the studio again soon, and I am going to do a few more solo tracks as well. More recently, I have even been DJ’ing! For me, it’s inspiring, exciting and really the only option. For all of us, it’s what we do, because we love to do it.  Sometimes it feels like a lot, but it’s the way we grow, stay fresh and learn. We still have so much to do, so these projects will hopefully put us on the road to larger audiences and more exposure for our music.

HT: Finally, what’s on tap for the summer?

DL: This summer is going to be a wild one! In the Summer of 2011 I am expecting the birth of my first child, which is going to be a exciting journey, and an inspiring one! That’s the main focus, on top of studio sessions, more writing, gigging and eventually getting on the road some!  So, this will certainly be quite memorable! We are excited to kick it off with this special Blue Note show, and this Licorice reunion. See you there!


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