Lightening STRIKES 2x w/ Rebecca Hart & Bob Saietta

...STRUCK @ the Rud...

...STRUCK Dress-rehearsal from NY production...

The musical “Struck” written by Rebecca Hart & Robert Saietta was performed in concert during the Humana Theater Festival in Louisville, KY. With a smaller, modified cast, D.Lott (in character as “The Tone”, as well as musical director/sound design) was there to provide soundscapes and guitar-riffs as usual! stained glass @ The Rud...

...Saturday, March 26, 2011 Louisville, KY....

The rock/theater/science piece “STRUCK”, which first went up this past summer (2010) at HERE, received a concert-style presentation at the MotherLodge Live Arts Exchange in Lousiville, KY at MIDNIGHT on March 26th. Rebecca Hart (Beth, lead. Co-Writer), Robert Saietta (LEON, Co-Writer) also performed, as well as Dave “The Tone” Lott on guitar.


~ by dlottmusic on March 27, 2011.

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