Currently Mixing… mixiNg…mIXinG, but here are some tidbits from the most recent show!


Fast at work mixing our latest Licorice studio work!

Having our band name with the Terrapin album artwork is just effin' sweet...Thank you, Jerry. Again.

veggies 'n jameson for a 1:30 am Tuesday/Wednesday start

....a shadow of a man before the show in the green room

...taped up the broken toe under doc's orders....

the young and talented “Lead Heads” opened the show

Licorice took the Sullivan Hall Stage at approximately 1:30am post Further’s show @ Radio City Music Hall

Set I:

Crosstown Traffic*

Can Enable

Mama Don’t**


El Corazon Estalla

Where is My Mind–>Say It Ain’t So–>Where is My Mind^

A Million Grains of Sand

Again and Again

Hey Bulldog%

Set II:

Stone Flower#

Seven Day Storm



set/show ended at 3:50am for 4am kick out…

*=Jimi Hendrix Cover

**-JJ Cale Cover

^=Pixies/Weezer cover

%=Beatles cover

#=Antonio Carlos Jobim cover

^^=Chick Corea Cover


~ by dlottmusic on February 27, 2010.

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